Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 1


Self-esteem is a powerful force within us. It’s showing self-worth and is an indicator of the self-confidence of the person. Self-confidence creates motivation and the feeling of being worthy of life. Ancestors focused and followed discipline for their self-esteem growth. So Self-esteem depends on discipline and retention of their discipline state of the process.

If you want to improve Self-esteem. You focus on your current level of the position and set your goals and rules to achieve your desired level (If you don’t know how to achieve your goals or don’t know about the method. Search your heroes. That means already achieved that career or path persons) Understand their path of the goal achievement and follow the discipline. Retention is the most important part of the discipline. This way improves self-satisfaction and creates inner happiness. Once inner happiness is created it helps for self-value. More than the time, the retention of the discipline activities converted to the habit of daily routine life. Same time, your inner happy mind has become stable and minor success will come on the way. Finally, the goal achievement will happen, at the time you can feel the self-esteem.

So an easy way to feel self-esteem. Yes, before changing the behavior. First why the self-esteem at a low level, thus depends on your circumstance, situation, parent, bad habit, etc.

What is required for that?

1) “Confidence”

1. Think confident to change your life and challenge every barrier.

2. Confidence in yourself to feel happy and enjoy every moment and positive approach every time.

2)” Discipline”

1. Be disciplined every time and set the rules to follow the procedure of your rules.

2. Discipline makes a vision of the core and gives the self-respect & efficiency.

Other points distract your self-esteem:

1. Unclear vision or goal.

2. No thinking of the vision

3. Unawareness of the vision

4. Unknown to themselves.

5. Un – accept the truth, reality, low self-confidence.

How can one visualize selfesteem?

– Wish to understand self-esteem, Vision making, Break the vision on small for daily achievement, and discipline to make it happen. Retention of the process makes the integrity of behavior. Makes to feel Self-esteem.

Magical words

– “I can,”

-” Be proud of you,”

-” Interest in work,”

-” I am responsible”

Grid Steps:

– Trusting yourself.

– Get guidelines for vision & goal setting.

– Get guidelines for discipline to achievement.

– Feel as you differ from others.

– Social contribution to help others.

– High expectations for success.

– Stretch works hard and disciplined.

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