Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 2 (Excellence)


Excellence high competitive today and it’s more demands compared to knowledge. Able to inspire in workplace thorough skills, co-operation, dedicate themselves for exhibit their effectiveness on work. Excellence is depend only based on experience in the skill, understanding your vision, analysis skill with time management, continuous development with continuous learning, self-assessment & performance for success.

Developing your excellence thorough fulfill your own potential, learn to find your strength and weakness. Develop your strength through continuous learning, assessing yourself with indicators & improving your deliverable quality.

In your workplace you want to show your potential performance, some measurements will help you to improve.

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Set vision -> Goal setting
  3. Do things the easy way, otherwise you will demotivate to continue things
  4. If possible get support or guidneline from expert or find successory method
  5. continuous learning or Practices, Practices, Practices.
  6. Take reponse and opportunity
  7. Learn from failure
  8. Built the confidence

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