Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 3 (Excellence)

SWOT analysis

Plan for SWOT analysis before you plan for your time for this analysis. Why time is more important for this analysis. because of when you start to think about your development and analysis plan. We must find our correct time,

  1. Early morning:
    1. Every man has power based on solar energy. When you start plan at time on morning, day before night go early on sleep. because the solar energy reduce at night time and body has required rest. So start early on sleep and wake up at earliest.
  2. More energy or More positive:
    1. More energy or More positive / Motivation level, On that time you have more solar energy will body create and more energy you have to think about the analysis.

SWOT Analysis

Take pen and paper and find your peaceful place for analysis. You make draw the 4 quadrants of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat titles, and a list of your points on that quadrants.

After listing out the points start the analysis of SWOT, Strength is you have familiar & easy to do all easy way and continuous learning is required. Weakness is your unfamiliar parts that’s you can’t able do easy and you should put effect change the weakness to strengthen the points. Opportunities are you have the choice, guideline, support, facilities to take the step of developing your excellence and finally Threat is carefully handling part and never give yourself to demotivate your thought to down. Should hand change threat to weakness then weakness to strengthen that points.

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