Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 4 (Excellence)

Set vision -> Goal

Vision is a clear picture of your future. It has a long-term process to achieve your values and priorities and parts (your faith, dream life, inspiration, creation, or changing yourself).

Try this method if you can. Wake up early when you’ve finished your routine, take a notebook to think about your vision, and tell me what you want to achieve or become, (learning Spanish or German, reading 100 books this year, etc.). You choose only one vision for that year

The second thing is, to break your vision for 365-day and plan for an hour a day. When setting the part/part of the vision every day. Don’t skip a day and be dedicated to it without getting distracted. At the end of the year, you have reached the point of vision. Reward yourself for achievement and the Same thing,  you can greet or reward yourself after completing an hour each day to reach the broken part of the vision. That part of the daily vision is “the goal”.

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