Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 5 (Excellence)

Do easy way for achieving your goal

Now you have vision/goal pieces for day achievement, and you can make easy ways to achieve your goal every day. otherwise, the mind will not accept the progress of daily achievement. I recommend achieving the target early in the morning. Because of early in the morning, you will have full energy for that day. You have to use it to achieve the day’s goal at the first in the morning & it’s your day start with success and greet yourself and say, “Wow you did.”

And you will be in a happy mood for the whole day. Suppose there is some dull feeling in 2 halves. Think about your success in the morning immediately you encourage yourself “you can.” That motivation makes the day more energetic and is easier to achieve the daily goal and progress of vision achievement.

If you pushed yourself to do things the hard way, it doesn’t happen psychologically. The mind deviates from your thoughts. You can only push your mind for at least a few days to do the things, and Mind will say is boring and painful, because grown up with easy task achiever. But Some people do things that he needs, they do their performance hard and follow their rules, it’s from exercises. Like learning martial arts at the start stage you feel pain after a series of exercises that will strengthen you and make anything easier.

At the beginning of the same method, we need to start the process slowly, constantly train our mind to the process and finally, we will overcome pain & it turns us to achieve our goals or vision.

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