Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 7 (Excellence)

Practices, Practices, Practices

Always Practices, Practices & Practices.

I tell you a story, three close friends “A” always read books on strategy, and read a lot of books in the application of theory.

“B” is always hardworking in the field and does not know the logic & status of working in his field. He does what the boss says, he is a very hard worker.

“C” always does 3 things at the same time “He gets directions from the coach and analyses his path, reads a lot about what he likes in the field, and uses the knowledge and hard work in his field.” The aforementioned story sequence excels in whose field excellence high performance.

Yes, “C” has a lot of knowledge and experience in his field, a clear view of what he wants to do. All are derived from patience, hard work, and continuous education with training.

Only practices will bring all success with proper guidelines and education.

“Practices make man perfect “.

One response to “Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 7 (Excellence)”

  1. Most motivational post,dear!! Yeah.the practice make a perfect person.🌻🌷🌻


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