Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 9 (Excellence)

Learn from failure

What is failure? Someone helps us to compare with others. What does not meet the requirement?. Note: Do not compare all aspects. We should compare only skills or knowledge with others. We must learn to achieve those missing abilities for success. Do not feel about failure. Because without failure, you will not learn new skills. To better excellence, more competition is a need in the field. Only when we are competing can we understand the talents of others and where we missed in the skill.

E.g .: A student pursuing a master’s degree at a college in the state. He had competition within the classroom. In some states, he goes on to compare several colleges between states. He has many matches at that time. When he goes to a college competition in the country. Fierce competition. We will engage in a step-by-step competition. Helping us identify higher levels and reach that stage of capacity development.

So failure is the person pointing out mistakes. From this failure, we must learn to correct our mistakes or improve our ability to achieve a vision.

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