Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 11 (Excellence – “Do It”)

Achieving Excellence

Welcome to the “Do It” session on Day 1. Every day we do many things, some with satisfaction and some with half-heartedness. We do not know where we are going now and what we need to achieve for happiness in life. Whenever we hear heir/successor story the next day, a few try to do things, forget about those things as the days go by, and go back to regular work. Why does this happen and why is it not possible to reach the maximum? But some people still do things in their life and achieve success. How? Here are some part ways to help you focus on your dream and achieve the dream of happiness in your life.

  1. Understand current state:
    1. If you want to change your path or focus on your dream. The first thing you need to talk to yourself about is why not make the dream come true or focus on it and succeed in it?
    2. For that, get up early in the morning and start doing this after finishing your regular work. Take a notebook and pen and go out into the open like a garden area or quiet area and look toward sunlight near a plant or tree.
    3. Write about your dream and the current state of the dream. You need to be aware of the dream and match it to your daily routine.
    4. Notice the place where you failed to achieve the dream.
  2. Swot Analysis:
    1. As before, I was told in the post to write the SWOT analysis for dream achievement.
    2. Understand strengths, identify weaknesses, see opportunities, and turn threats into your strengths.

First, we need to focus on threats, discouragement, and time management. When there is no motivation, we can do it ourselves or seek the help of others (mother or father or well-wisher). Self-motivation: We can stick the picture in the room of what we dream and write the dream position on the wall. Watch it every morning and evening when you go to bed and tell yourself about your dream and your goal. Create a motivational song yourself and sing it when the motivation level decreases. Say “I can do it, I will” and often at certain times, our brain automatically accepts your words and follows the rules. Time Management – Schedule daily or work and where do you waste or waste time? Identify the area where time is wasted. It helps to turn that time into productive work.

Weakness: Identify weaknesses to help us improve our strengths and reach the goal. Get support from the heir or master or coach in that field. This will help you overcome your weaknesses and move on to strengths.

Opportunity and strength are the magic wand that you always have for improvement and goal achievement. So the above type analyzes your SWOT. When writing points, it helps to review or review the target point each day and to clarify your point of view.

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