Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 12 (Excellence – “Do It”)

Welcome to Session 2 “Do It”. In the last session, we analyzed the SWOT program to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses and moves for strengths and opportunities.

Once the process has started, the vision system should be planned. Just like we did for the SWOT Morning Session, we get the best results of thinking about vision and goal. We need to see, what we are currently in and where we need to go. These points should be in view.

Write down the current state-level / ability and what level you would like to go for state or skill. Check the desired level/skill level, current heir/master, take the example person and write down their skills in understanding, if possible find their custom, make a copy of their schedule.

Compare current status and example state status and check where you missed achieving their goal. Listing a missing skill and building it up as a whole set a vision and daily list or schedule of training for this skill achievement. “That’s the goal”.

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