Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 13 (Excellence – “Do It”)

Welcome to Session 2 “Do It”. In the last session, We set the Vision and Goal to achieve. Now have a doubt “How to continuously stable the mind to focus on the daily. We have some exercises to increase our inner strength and make to-do daily goals. Our mind and body should be like railway tracks, they should have equal gaps and a strong core in the inner then only the train could be travel normally. If the gap is different in some areas and weak in the iron core, what will happen “Train couldn’t travel”.

Mind & Body should be a balance

In the same way, we should manage the Mind and Body in a controlled manner, Then we can start travel and process the achievement. How? through old monk therapy. Monks have a schedule and structured routines in their daily life. We can understand what going do to next. When we have a clear view of our routine and structured life and we make it daily happens we could manage everything in our life.

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