Mind, Soul, Body & Love – Day 14 (Excellence – “Do It”)

Welcome to Session 2 “Do It”. In the last session, we looked at how the monks function in their daily routine. How we could do the same? “Continue to balance our mind and body”. Thus, We can do some exercises. When we plan vision and goal in writing.

First, we need to start working on exercises that control the mind and body.

For the mind, we need to do breathing exercises every day to focus on the stability of our mind and build our inner endurance.

Start each day with morning breathing exercises
1) Keep your back straight and sit in a comfortable position.
2) Inhale four numbers through your nose.
3) Squeeze your lips and breathe air slowly out of your mouth, just as you would breathe through a straw. 4) At the same time, relax all the muscles in your body.
5) Exhale eight times, imagining a relaxation wave flowing from the top of your head to your soles.
6) Repeat the process for five -10 minutes

As for the body, keeping a diet and exercise will build strength and build energy sources with you.

To complete healthy eating sessions after sunrise and before sunset. Food should not be consumed after sunset because it reduces the energy of our bodies. Regular exercises (yoga, gym training &, etc) build your routine and structure on a daily basis. Once you start working on this schedule, you can start adding your daily goal.

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